Designing a chassis to allow all of the wiring from the battery cables to the msd wires to be routed through the inside.  This gives the car not only a safe location for the wiring but also the cleanest and most professional wiring of a dragster possible.  Every entrance and exit of a wire are all supported by a reinforcement approved by SFI.  At the mid plate on our dragsters all connections are inside and there is no fear of pinching a wire.

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Not only are the wires routed inside the tubing but all of the cables are also.  We have managed to make the throttle, parachute, fuel shut-off, shifter, and even the 2 remote power cut-off cables all fit inside the frame rails.  We also found enough room for the brake line.  With all the mess hidden inside, without the body our dragster is the cleanest looking around.

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One of the most breakable parts on a dragster is the nose.  Most owners try to load and unload with out removing the nose because of the 6 dzus fasteners and going to get a short screwdriver.  We have made this easier.  With a simple push of a button, you can remove the nose using no tools but your hands.  The installation of the nose is even easier, just slide and push.  

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To insure the long lasting of a new M&M dragster, we have designed a new way  to prevent damage during loading and unloading. We have mounted unnoticeable aluminum wheels to the car.  Anyone with a beavertail in their trailer will appreciate this feature whether  you load the car in forward or backwards.  This will prevent from scratching powdercoat, hanging or tearing the body, and tearing of the linoleum trailer floor.  We are proud to name these Chassis skate wheels.

One of the most problems racers have with new cars is ground wires.  Most racers powdercoat the chassis and prevents the grounds from having and keeping a secure ground.  To take the next step to prevent another future problem, we have decided to use a stainless ground tab.  This way you do not have to powdercoat or paint the ground tab at all  and you have the prevention of any rust or loss of ground.


For a top of the line  look and feel setting in the cockpit, we have decided to have  a fiberglass  seat made personally for us by our aluminum seat.  This gives us the perfect fit and appearance to be a professional builder.   Our way of  carring your dzus and tire gauge is in the pockets of a custom seat cover.  The cover is custom made per seat and is available with thicker padding. 


 One of the best inventions we have developed so far is the fuel cell light.  Constructed of plastic, it is inside the fuel cell to light up the inside and make filling easy.

To make exiting the dragster easier, we have bolt in GET OUT HANDLES.  Most of the customers believe it is natural to pull yourself up using a pistol grip located on both sides of the frame 3" behind the dash.  This is the best way to prevent the sore and bruised underarms of a full weekend of racing.  It is a big hit for large and small men.